What to expect

The treatment takes place on the futon or body cushion at floor level. It is possible to receive Shiatsu on the table if the client is unable to lie down on the futon.

The client stays fully clothed. Full treatment lasts approximate one hour. First session is slightly longer as practitioner will take a detailed case history to develop a complete picture of the client’s health.
Treatment may include gentle holding, pressing with palms, thumbs, fingers, elbows, knees and feet. Practitioner may also do rotations and stretches.

During the session practitioner may use Sotai which is muscles movement treatment, and/or joint mobilisation technique to relief the pain and improve client’s flexibility and posture.

Please bring or wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing, for example sweatshirt, tracksuit trousers, cotton leggings, cotton socks etc. Please avoid hoodies, as it makes difficult to work on the neck and shoulders.


  • Do not eat heavily at least an hour before and after treatment
  • Do not drink alcohol before and after treatment
  • Remember to drink plenty of water after treatment
  • Avoid exhaustive activities (e.g. gym, jogging) after treatment
  • Try to avoid stressful activities after treatment