Price List

ZONE Face Lift

-The ultimate programme to lift face and spirit-

ZONE Face Lift 12 weeks programme –  €950  (installments available)
(8 x ZONE Face Lift treatments – 60 mins each, 4x ZONE Face Lift Deluxe treatments)

With the 12 weeks ZFL programme you will also get Zone Face Lift Jade Sculpting and Lifting Massager – for FREE (rrp €40) – this will help you with self-care at home – tighten a sagging neckline, contour the jawline and smooth and lift the face, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

-Experience the immediate sculpting and restorative benefits in just one treatment-

ZONE Face Lift Deluxe single treatment 90 mins –  €100
        (Facial Beauty Nourishing treatment; facial reflexology, face lift massage)

ZONE Face Lift single treatment 60 mins –  €75
        (hot towels, cleansing, serum; head & neck massage, facial reflexology, face lift massage)


3 x ZONE Face Lift 60 mins – €200

6 x ZONE Face Lift 60 mins – €400

-Give your face and soul a real treat-

Holistic Facial treatment – €50
         (hot towels, cleansing, exfoliating, mask, toner, serum and eye cream; head, neck & shoulders massage)

In my facial treatments I am using award winning ZONE Face Lift ELIXIR and ZONE Face Lift Jade Sculpting Massager.  

          You can purchase them in person in my clinic.  

All the products that I’m using for my facials are natural, vegan friendly and not tested on animals!


Full Session (approx 60 mins) – €50

Pregnancy (approx 60 mins) – €50

On-Chair Session (30 mins) – €35

Shiatsu + Cupping

1 x Session (approx 70 mins) –  €70

Chinese Cupping (deep tissue)

1 x session – €50


4 x Shiatsu Sessions   –  €190

6 x Shiatsu Sessions   –  €280

4x Shiatsu + Cupping  – €260