Anna is a fully qualified and registered (SSI, IMTA) Shiatsu and Zone Face Lift practitioner. Her clinic is located in Loughrea Town Centre, Co. Galway. She is offering complementary Body Therapies: Zen Shiatsu, Chinese Cupping, Moxibustion, HOLOS Holistic Facials as well as ZONE Face Lift – award winning natural anti-ageing Facial Therapy.

Anna has completed 3 years Shiatsu Diploma course with Shiatsu College Dublin.
Shiatsu – Japanese body work – is an effective therapy, working on both – Body and Mind. Gentle pressure, stretches and rotations helps relax body and release tension and held emotions. Shiatsu is working on sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Deep relaxation and unblocking the energy and blood flow improve body ability to heal itself. Shiatsu is also a great physical therapy, very effective in treating sport injuries, sciatica, spinal issues and all kind of muscles and joints problems. Anna is often using other techniques alongside with Shiatsu :

  • Sotai – Japanese muscle mobilisation technique – to improve body alignment and mobility.
  • Chinese cupping – to improve blood circulation, boost immune system and relax tight muscles
  • Moxibustion to reduce pains and aches and bring warmth and heat into the body

Anna is particularly interested in women’s health, especially endocrine problems and related issues. She is successfully helping women in all ages dealing with physical and mental problems: stress, anxiety, depression, pains, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases to name just a few.

While working with women in all ages she found out, that they all (including herself) wish not only to be and feel healthy but also to have a healthy, glowing look. After some research and try-outs of varied skin treatments she discovered the one that combines both – health and beauty benefits – Zone Face Lift Bergman Method. Ziggie Bergman, creator of ZFL, is popular and successful therapist and teacher based in London. In 2017 Anna has successfully completed all the modules and became certified Zone Face Lift practitioner.

In 2019 Anna has completed training with Niamh Hogan, CEO of Irish brand ‘HOLOS Skin Care from Nature’, and became certified HOLOS therapist.

Anna’s treatments include lifestyle and dietary changes recommendations. She has recently completed Nutrition Course with The Open College, and is currently studying Health and Wellness Coaching with Institute of Health Sciences.